Boothby’s Minigolf & Scotch

Bars have always been a popular place for people to gather and have a good time. In recent years, bars combined with activities have become very popular. In Cincinnati we have seen great success with a board game bar, a video game bar, and a bar with duckpin bowling and pinball machines. Taking that into consideration, my goal was to create the first minigolf bar in Cincinnati—Boothby’s Minigolf and Scotch.

2020 Local Gold Student Addy Award Winner & Student Judge’s Choice

Boothby’s is dedicated to Mrs. Boothby, who, in 1867, rebelled against the Gentleman’s Golf Club at St. Andrews in Scotland by starting her own Ladies’ Putting Club—the first ever minigolf course. At the time, women were not permitted to lift their arms above their shoulders, so the putting club allowed women to participate in a full miniature golf game.  Boothby’s Minigolf and Scotch embraces her rebellious spirit and elegance. The brand also celebrates women’s suffrage as Mrs. Boothby embodied the desire for women’s equality that soon after brought about the suffrage movement.

The brand and its application were designed to invoke the rebellious nature and elegance of Mrs. Boothby while paying homage to the women’s suffrage movement. The ‘B’ logo was created using a blackletter font that harkens back to old times and incorporates a flag that both represents minigolf and is an iconic symbol of the suffrage movement.  Purple and yellow were chosen pulling from the suffrage movement. Torn paper elements were added to the assets to evoke the rebellious attitude of Mrs. Boothby. The typography uses a classic serif font paired with a handwritten type to highlight the aggressive attitude of the brand.


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